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Pricing for students

Simple pricing. No hidden fees.
Student subscription
Starting at
416 Ft
per user / month

Ft $
  • Personal SOS Infocard
  • Noticeable bracelet
  • Cloud storage for all your medical data, including
    • Findings
    • Records
    • Evidences
    • Health diary (Blood pressure, sugar...)
    • Activity monitoring
  • Manage medical data sharing
  • All the benefits of ISIC International student card
  • Full support till the expiration date of ISIC International student card

ISIC validation

Generally, the ISIC cards are valid for up to 16 months, starting on 1 September, depending on the academic year of Hungary.

For students (from the age of 12)

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For regular users (non-students)

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As a doctor, you can sign up for free

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