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Basic registration S.O.S. Info logo for one individual person
Register as an individual subscriber and manage your health datas and documents with the S.O.S InfoCard system.

Give access permissions to doctors or Family members for handling the datas and documents provided by you, so that it makes easier your medical care.

1 year plan

Family registration
S.O.S. Info logo for 3 - 10 family members
Control the Health life and medical activity of your family from one S.O.S Infocard account

Easily manage all your family members' medical documents, daily measured health data and more

Save 10% per member

Type the number of family members
1 year plan

Are you a student?

International Student Identity Card
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2 in 1

Enjoy all the benefits of ISIC International Student Identity Card and Be SAFE every day!

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FREE registration
for Doctors only